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Polyclinique Majorelle Nancy | France

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Polyclinique Majorelle

The combination of quality nursing
and optimum security

1240, avenue Raymond Pinchard
BP 2049
54100 Nancy | France

0826 305 655

(from a French landline)
Fax : +33 3 83 94 43 27

To contact the Polyclinique Majorelle

Outpatient Surgery

The Polyclinique Majorelle has spaces for outpatient surgery. Thanks to recent progress in surgery and anaesthesia, many more procedures can now be completed as outpatient surgery. The patient only needs to stay at the hospital for a few hours before being discharged on the same day, at the discretion of the surgeon and anaesthetist. Outpatient surgery responds to the needs of patients at the same time as contributing to the security of the procedure and limiting its cost.

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Healthcare quality

The Polyclinique Majorelle contributes towards developing the prevention of illness, to guaranteeing you equal access to healthcare and works towards ensuring continuity and the best healthcare. The hospital ensures the respect of your dignity, of your private life and of patient confidentiality and data protection. The hospital does not discriminate in providing access to preventative treatments and care.

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